“Sop kacang merah”…red bean soup

2 thoughts on ““Sop kacang merah”…red bean soup”

  1. Brought here by your comment on the Guardian and this does indeed look good although I’m a vegetarian and I can’t see that soya or quorn mince and vegetable stick can replace the beef or chicken – still may well try it anyway.

    However I am truly fixated on the aubergine dish that is photographed on top – a full recipe might be giving a way a trade secret but what is that?

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for your comment.
      First of all, of course you can use soya or quorn mince in the soup, but I would suggest to add it at the last minute so not to make the soup mushy. As it happens, I had a tofu cooking demonstration in my house today and if you like tofu (not many Westerners do), you could use tofu instead. I used tofu in the red curry today which was enjoyed by everybody and they were all tofu novices!

      The aubergine is my version of Imam Bayaldi, Italian style. I make Puttanesca sauce and put the sauce on top of the baked aubergine with parmesan cheese and thyme. If time is short, a jar of a very good quality “Puttanesca sauce” could be used. Make sure the aubergine is baked till soft and cooked.

      I do a lot of vegetable-based recipes and if you’d like to see what’s coming in the future, just click on the”please keep me updated” button.

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