Gravad lax – it’s really easy!

8 thoughts on “Gravad lax – it’s really easy!”

  1. Ina, thanks for including me. Will be good to see what you are up to on the cooking front! I don’t think that I will be as adventurous as you but who knows?

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for the comment. Just click on the ‘follow’ button at the top of the website page, so you will stay up to date with my blog. The artichoke dip recipe has been a big success with Aisha’s friends. That’s her contribution to any friends’ gathering. She must start making it herself!

    1. Hi Neville, thank you for your comment and have had a look at the link. I bought a smoker a while a go but have only used it once or twice. It’s a big one and requires a great amount of material to make it economical to use. But will definitely smoke mackerel and salmon in it soon. Also, enjoyed reading the recipes in your website.

  2. Look forward to hearing how you get on with it. I think we need to train Mark to start eating raw/treated fish. Yes please, would love the herring recipe. Thanks, Helen

  3. Ina, I’ve printed out the recipe…and shall be trying it out at I love Gravad lax and its so expensive..though I of course shall be doing a whole salmon and eating it all by myself..
    I will send you a recipe for chopped herring (soused herring,chopped apple and cream) which I get to eat with marks Jewish relatives but admit rarely make it at home as no one else sharews my passion for raw fish!!

  4. Hi My, thanks for the comment….will definitely get you over again next time I assemble another gravad lax. Even better, would love to try your version. X

  5. …and the Swedish friend can only add that she’ll now change her recipe book when it comes to gravad lax ;). Ina, as always, your food is impossibly delicious!!

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