or nibbles as they are increasingly called

Coronation chicken crustades

Tortellini sate, with cherry tomatoes & fresh basil leaves

Vietnamese summer rolls

Indonesian sticky rice rolls wrapped in pandan leaves

Dates with goats cheese,
pistachio & pomegranate

Chicken meat balls
with tamarind dip

Frittata topped with pea purée & sun-dried tomatoes

Spring rolls

Peking duck pancakes

Chicken & carrot pops

Tempeh chips with tomato &
chilli topping

smoked salmon & fish roe

Lychees in mignonette

Leek & parmesan
in filo cups

Carrot & parsnip fritters

Fish cakes with
tamarind sauce

Lamb kofte with
jalapeño mayo dip

Tuna ceviche
on seaweed chips

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