Turning back the clock

My first really big catering job was on 7 June 2014. There were two separate events on the same day at Highfield School: a three-course lunch for 150 guests, and canapés and buffet for 300 in the evening. All a bit daunting—but huge fun.

Six years on, things are very different. No big events. No small events! So, like many restaurants, I’ve turned my hand to cooking on a much smaller scale. Prompted by requests from friends and old customers, I have started offering takeaway meals. Or rather, dishes that I deliver to people’s homes—which is how my business started, 20 years ago!

The plan is to offer a new menu every week, which I’ll post on Instagram. To keep things manageable I’ll make deliveries on Friday for orders received by the Monday morning before. My initial idea is to deliver to customers within a ten-mile radius of Haslemere—but I’m sure I can be flexible on that. Next week I am sending one order to Cornwall by courier, as a trial! We’ll see how that works out.

I’m not going to post each week’s menu here on the website, but as an example below is what’s on offer this week, for ordering by Monday, 15 June.

If you’re interested please get in touch for more information using the contact form, by phoning (numbers on the contact form), or by sending me a DM on Instagram.

I look forward to feeding you!

Main dishes

  • Ayam kecap manis
    Indonesian roast chicken thighs with sweet soya sauce and plenty of garlic
  • Indian chicken curry in turmeric sauce
    (for a vegetarian dish, the chicken can be replaced with jackfruit)

Side dishes

  • Tarka dhal (v)
  • Steamed rice (v)
  • Indonesian fragrant rice with almond flakes (v)
  • Acar kuning
    Indonesian pickled vegetables in turmeric sauce (v; contains nuts)
  • Spicy baby anchovies with cashew nuts (contains nuts)
  • Spicy tuna floss with lime leaves


  • Gyoza with turkey and spring onions
  • Mini vegetable spring rolls (v)

Sweet things

  • Pandan chiffon cake
  • Putri salju—Snow Princess cookies (v; contains nuts)

I indicate which dishes contain nuts, but please note my food is not cooked in a nut-free environment.
I do use chillies, but I know after years of cooking for others not to make my food too hot!

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