Hi everyone,

Here we are, 2012! What a day to start a new year! It’s raining cats and dogs…bucketing outside my dining room.  Definitely not a day to go out for a walk around the block, which my silly husband is doing at this moment!

Yesterday, after hearing the forecast, I took the decision to cook something comforting for lunch.  Chicken in broth is always a delicious thing to have in rainy day.  Happened to have all the ingredients to make Hainan chicken as my family and mother in-law love this.  Well, I thought she did! When asked what she thought of the dish.  Her response was: “It’s alright”! She prefers another chicken dish I make, based on a Lebanese recipe, with loads of garlic and lemon juice.  These 2 chicken dishes are so healthy (there is no oil/fat added in cooking), just the right thing to start your “New Year Resolution” if you happen to have one and eating healthily is on top of the list.  Once the food was cooked, I had to get it all ready to be photographed before demolishing in 10 minutes flat.

The right chilli sauce to go with Hainan chicken….loads of garlic which may not be to everybody’s liking!

This is my first real entry in my blog and I’m hoping I would be able to do it regularly.  I’m also hoping to hear from any of you with any news or ideas of how I should improve my website.

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