I saw this recipe in the Guardian on Friday, the 4th May.  It caught my eye and I liked the sound of using sorrel in puddings.  We also have an abundance of sorrel in our garden which grows happily and I have not used it all that much.  I think it’s because the plant is not really within my every day view of the garden, I just forget and use lemon or lime instead.

I passed the recipe to Kevan who was really keen to give the recipe a go.  He cooked Sunday lunch.  We had spinach and mint risotto (courtesy of River Cafe) and  for tea, we had a slice of this not-too-sweet tart.  At first, it was weird to see and think of a vegetable based quiche eaten together with tea, but as soon as we put the first mouthful in, we, plus mother-in-law (who loves her sweets/puddings) enjoyed it and felt that we’d had a very ‘healthy’ lunch.

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