Cooking lessons

I have been giving cooking lessons ever since Tanamerah was born. One or two of my younger customers who attended as pre-teenagers are now getting married! It has always been an occasional thing—very much dependent on catering commitments, and more often than not in response to a suggestion from one of my friends or customers. Recently they have become more demonstrations than hands-on lessons—I stand up and spout and my audience watches and asks questions.

A place at one of my cooking demos is a great idea as a birthday present for ‘people who have everything’—regardless of sex, and indeed age. The hands-on lessons have proved very popular for boys and girls of all ages during the school holidays. 

Bookings work very much like my supper clubs. If you want to get a crowd together (a minimum of 10) I’d be happy to accommodate. If you are interested in coming with a smaller group I will do my best to find more people to come along. And then there will be times when I take the initiative myself to promote a particular event. These will be announced here on the website—if you are on my mailing list you’ll hear about it via email.

I charge £25 for a three-hour session. This includes lunch of whatever dishes I have been demo-ing. If the weather is warm and sunny we might sit outside on the decking—as you can see in one of the pictures.

If you’d like to discuss your own bespoke session please do call or email me, or send a note via the contact form.

Online teaching

I have been talking with Kevan, my husband, about doing more through the website. Video-making is his area of expertise, so between us the plan is to create a series of videos, focusing on Indonesian cuisine. Some will be about cooking techniques; some on particular recipes.

As an example, here’s one we made earlier!

Every time we publish a new video it will appear on the Recipes… and more page, and email subscribers will get a message to let them know.

Do get in touch if you have any comments or questions about them.

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Cooking lesson and demo reports

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