Menu Ideas – original

How would I describe my food? Well, my main influences are Indonesia and Italy (see Welcome). In recent years I’ve discovered Middle-Eastern cuisine. And Spanish. And Thai. And… Well let’s just say I cook with ingredients that like sunshine, for people that like flavour!

Here are some dishes that customers have enjoyed since I started Tanamerah.


Coronation chicken croustades

(this is not your average coronation chicken!)

Chicken & carrot pops

served with sweet chilli sauce

Leek & parmesan in filo cups
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Iced lychees

in an Asian-style mignonette sauce

Lamb kofte

served with a jalapeño yoghurt dip

Tortellini brochettes

with cherry tomatoes & fresh basil

Lemper: Indonesian sticky rice rolls

filled with spicy pulled chicken


Wild duck stir fry

with bamboo shoots and pepper

Chicken in ginger wine & tarragon sauce

(here about to be served to 250 guests!)

Roasted pork ribs

marinated in sweet soya sauce and chilli

Roast duck with olives & chillies


Steamed basa fish with Balinese salsa

cherry tomatoes, basil, chopped shallots & lemongrass with fish sauce

Javanese noodles with prawns

Cod with ginger, garlic & spring onions

dressed with hot rapeseed oil

Salad & Vegetables

Rice vermicelli, green mango & chicken

with Thai herbs & spices

Mixed beans and hazelnuts

with an orange dressing

Griddled asparagus

with French dressing

Asinan — Asian-style salad

Mango, papaya, herbs & peanuts, with palm sugar dressing

Griddled aubergine strips

dressed with chilli & coriander


Dark chocolate & cream cheese brownies

(shown here before being cut up)

Mini meringue nests

of mango, passion fruit & cream

Fruit jelly topped with crème anglaise

served in a shot glass

Indonesian red sticky rice pudding

served with palm sugar and coconut cream