I guess it’s not surprising that I’m asked for Asian food for most of my jobs. But, if you know my cooking background, you’ll understand that I miss traditional Italian home cooking.  Cucina casalinga, as it is known, is the essence of Italian cuisine, and even in Italy you find it more often in people’s homes than in restaurants – even though every Italian laments the fact!

I’m convinced that many of my friends that know me through my cooking would enjoy a real Italian casalinga meal.  Now I have a booking for one of my ‘pop-up’ restaurant evenings (‘Dinner at Mine‘), and I’m inviting people to make up two more tables.  Here’s the offer:

I’m cooking a typical Tuscan three-course family meal on either Saturday 8 June, or Saturday 6 July, and I’m looking for two groups of four or six people.

bruschetta tricolore

The menu

Antipasto.  Bruschetta tricolore: peperonata, baccelli e pecorino, ricotta e parmigiano.
(Starter.  Three types of bruschetta (in the colours of the Italian flag): topped with roasted peppers, broad beans with pecorino cheese, and baked ricotta with parmesan cheese.)
Secondo Piatto. Agnello in umido, con patate di primizia e carcioffi.
(Main course.  Lamb stew, with new potatoes and artichokes.)
Dolce.  Tiramisu.
(Dessert.  Tiramisu)

Cost is the usual £25 per person.  Bring your own wine.

What I’d like to know is if you would like to book a table for four or six, and which of the two proposed dates you can make (and if you could do either).  As soon as I have enough people to go ahead on one or other of the dates I’ll get back to you and confirm the booking.  And who knows, if I get enough interest I might do both dates!

I do hope you are interested in coming.  I think you’ll find it different to the average Italian restaurant!  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Call me or email, or send a note via the contact form.

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