I am so pleased to announce that, finally, we’ve launched my new website!

It seems to have taken years—well it has taken years actually. So though it probably still has some bugs to exterminate, we decided that it was about time to release it into the wild. If you do find anything wrong with it, please let me know.

I hope it’s easy enough to navigate. But if you’d like a quick guide, here goes:


This will always point to a couple of my latest stories. Then there’s a a slide-show of food pics (click Gallery in the menu bar), and customer comments (yes, that’s Comments in the menu), photos from my Instagram account, and the all-important contact form for getting in touch with me about absolutely anything (Contact in the menu).


The main idea behind the new site was to make it more flexible to post recipes and cooking-related stories. They will all be collected together on this “Recipes… and more” page.

Services: Catering / Supper clubs / Cooking lessons

This is where to go if you’d like to know more about my different activities. Catering in particular has lots of photos of dishes for different types of event. I will publish details of specific supper clubs and cooking lessons as individual stories, and these can be found under the next menu item: Articles.


Every story I post, from event announcements to recipes, are collected together on this page.


And finally a page that gives you a little bit of my story, and the history of Tanamerah.

I do hope you’ll find the new site a useful source of cooking inspiration, and information, if you want to know more about my catering service, my supper clubs, and my cooking lessons. Do please subscribe to email alerts so you know when I publish a new article. There are sign-up forms all over the site—in fact there’s one just below. I promise that you won’t be inundated with a flood of emails. I’ll be doing well if I manage to post something once a week!

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