What hectic months they have been: plenty to write and talk about with what’s been happening here in our little cottage.  The garden is soaked, the bottom part was flooded with water from the river and covered completely by mud and debris.  Here are some pics of what it looked like the first time, at the end of April.  (In June the water was about a foot higher!)

It took a good two weekends to clear it up but plenty still to do, especially with the weeds that are growing faster than any other plants.

In the kitchen I’ve been practicing new recipes and there are some which I would definitely do again and others that I’m not too impressed with.  I have had fun despite the disappointingly bad weather outside.

The cooking lessons are still on.  Young and adult, male and female, during school holidays or at weekends.  Nothing pleases the ‘students’ more than creating their own spring rolls and tasting them once cooked.   We do a three-course meal in three hours.  A bit longer when the class is attended by ladies and gentlemen as wine and coffee are provided – not to mention the chatting and q&a during the lesson, which makes it quite leisurely.

There will be dates for a couple of hours of noodle cooking demo and eating in September. Space is limited to 10 people only. Please drop me a line for dates if you and friends are interested to attend.

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