The Indonesian night last week at Sparks Yard in Arundel was a great success! It was the first time for us running a restaurant kitchen and service, and the first time The Loft hosted a guest cook.  Their management team reckoned they’ve never had so many people for dinner — 59 guests altogether.

sparks yard kitchen

Ina was a little apprehensive before the event, having never cooked in a restaurant environment. But what she found was that serving to one table at a time, even though there were four courses, was actually rather less demanding than serving everyone at once — which is what happens at parties.

sparks yard guests

A big thanks to everyone that came along — and to the hard-working waiting staff of The Loft, who played a big part in ensuring the evening ran smoothly.

We can’t wait to do it again — perhaps in a venue closer to home in Haslemere. We need to find somewhere equipped as a restaurant, but that doesn’t operate every night of the week. Any suggestions welcome!

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