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Awesome aubergine!

Awesome aubergine!

Aubergine has to be up there among my absolute favourite vegetables. And probably the most versatile. Here are two easy, delicious, aubergine recipes. One is a Chinese vegetable dish; the other a starter or snack from Georgia—as in the country on the Black Sea, not the US state. My first time making a Georgian recipe.

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“Sop kacang merah”…red bean soup

I think my Indonesian friends would not agree with my red beans used here (aduki) as that was all I happened to have in my cupboard, not the red kidney beans normally used for this soup.  I love this soup, filling, full of flavour and pretty healthy too.  Growing up...

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What’s quick to assemble for the weekend?

It's that time of the year...we all feel it, the over indulgence of the festive holiday finally hit us! I've agreed to do some sort of 'diet' with Aisha.  Nothing too strenuous and we're doing it till the end of February.  If and when we've achieved our goals, we'd do...

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Hi everyone, Here we are, 2012! What a day to start a new year! It's raining cats and dogs...bucketing outside my dining room.  Definitely not a day to go out for a walk around the block, which my silly husband is doing at this moment! Yesterday, after hearing the...

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