Every few years Kevan gets together with his old Churcher’s College school friends. For some reason or other it tends to be at our house! I guess we are the geographic centre of gravity. And anyway I love the chance to cook for myself for a change.

With a few extra family members we were 20 people this time. We have been so lucky with the weather on previous occasions, but this year the party was a bit later in the year, to coincide with a visit by the Australian branch of the Old Churcherians, and sadly we weren’t blessed with sunshine. But everyone spent most the afternoon eating so they didn’t really notice! At least it didn’t rain, and we managed to keep the dining room doors open all afternoon.

Here’s what I served:

oc party square 5

Lamb kofte with jalapeño mayo dip

oc party square 4

Duck & vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce
Fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce

oc party square 3

Chicken meat balls with tamarind dip

oc party square 2

Croustades with quails eggs in Mary Rose dressing

oc party square 1

Dates with goats cheese, pistachio & pomegranates

Plate food
oc party square 9

Smoked mackerel salad with heritage beetroot,
fennel & croutons

oc party square 10

Camargue red rice salad with almond flakes

oc party square 11

Barbecued pulled lamb with Asian-style green sauce

oc party square 12

Persian sausage rolls

oc party square 13

Carrot & parsnip fritters

oc party square 6

Grilled peppers with anchovy, garlic & caper berries

oc party square 7

Summer pudding

oc party square 8

Brownies with white & dark chocolate nibs

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