Chilli sambal! A new project.

15 thoughts on “Chilli sambal! A new project.”

  1. Glad to see folk combining different chili to come up with new flavors. So often folk seem to think that one recipe should have only one chili. Kind of a different subject, but I have found that when using the super hots, if you cut the seeds out and flush the inside with water, you can get rid of enough heat that you can use more and really bring the flavor out.

    1. Hi Ian, good to hear from you. The sambal ulek should be up very soon. At the moment, no camera as daughter has taken it to London to ‘borrow’. Are you back in France or still in the country?

  2. Hi Ina, thanks for this as i grow a lot of chillis and never know what to do with them apart from making loads of chilli oil, chilli sherry for Bloody Marys and drying them…. looking forward to the recipe

    1. The chilli sherry for Bloody Marys sounds wonderful! Will do sambal recipes soon as now I have enormous amount of chillies to use. xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. I shall have to forward it to Tom who has possibly purchased every type of chilli sauce that exists. I will enjoy shutting him up with some of those Carolina Grim Reapers…

    1. Thanks Helen. Get him to follow my blog than he can pick up a few ‘sambal’ recipes and feed them to his Italian friends. Maybe not the grim reapers as yet!

    1. Rita, thanks for that. Chillies are used so much now that they’re in a lot of recipes. I thought ‘sambal’ would add to the repertoire of people like The Rakes!

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