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Launch of my new website

I am so pleased to announce that, finally, we’ve launched my new website!

It seems to have taken years—well it has taken years actually. So though it probably still has some bugs to exterminate, we decided that it was about time to release it into the wild. [more…]

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Supper club — on the radio!

As part of their drive to advertise the idea of supper clubs WeFiFo’s Seni Glaister arranged a studio discussion with BBC Surrey and Sussex—over lunch prepared by three cooks who have held WeFiFo events. The radio presenter was Joe Talbot, who fronts weekly afternoon show Feelgood Friday from their Guildford studios. [more…]

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Another successful supper club at Anvil Cottage

A huge thank-you to everyone who came to my supper club on 2 March.

We had a brilliant bunch of guests, who were a pleasure to serve. And I think they liked what we gave them! We had two groups of four on one table, and three couples on another: 14 in all. One of the couples came all the way from Swindon, and another from Kent. Impressive effort. Only two people had been to us before. It was great to meet and feed so many new people.

Here’s what they some of them had to say on the WeFiFo website:…

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Chayote: another healthy food

I keep coming across a vegetable called chayote in Latin American recipes. It’s also used in Cajun cuisine (they call it mirliton), and by a huge variety of different names throughout south and east Asia. In Malaysia it’s called, weirdly, ‘English gourd’; in Indonesia...

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Tempeh. The super-food.

I'm planning a demonstration of some super simple but tasty ideas for cooking with tempeh. Watch this space! Seems like you can’t open a lifestyle magazine at the moment without finding an article about gut microbes. You know the sort of thing: we have ten times more...

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A family wedding!

Just got back from a wonderful month in Jakarta. That's me with the handbag in the picture above, three to the right of the bride—my niece. I just had to be there! Haven't been to a Javanese wedding in years. Of course I managed to find time to do some serious eating...

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Terasi: the secret ingredient

Months—well actually years!—ago I wrote a blog introducing one of the key ingredients of Indonesian cookery: the chilli. I said that I was planning a series on sambal, the range of sauces, relishes, and dishes that chillies are made into. My apologies for the...

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Pop-up postponed

I'm so, so sorry to everyone that has expressed an interest in coming to the planned event on 28 May. Unfortunately for personal reasons I have to postpone the event to a later date. I do hope to be able to offer another date soon. I'll post an announcement here as...

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May pop-up?

Beautiful sunshine has been flooding into our dining room for the last couple of weeks. The central heating has been turned off. The garden is bursting into flower. I feel it's a good time to hold another pop-up restaurant event at my house! The last one I did, at...

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And… we’re back!

Just this afternoon I had someone call me about a catering job. She’d been given my name by an old friend, for whom I did a job several years ago. What hit home was the fact that the old friend in question didn’t know if I was still in business! That’s how bad I am at...

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Chilli sambal! A new project.

It’s been a couple of years since I started this blog, and I have to admit I’ve been less than diligent in keeping it up to date. I’ve decided that I need a project to encourage me to publish more regularly. After a certain amount of cajoling from Kevan, my husband,...

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Happy New 2014!

Well it's been a while. I have to admit that a very busy autumn has led to the sad neglect of my blog. But new years being what they are, it seems only right to start this one with a resolution. Which is, of course, to try and update it more often. I do have quite a...

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